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Project description:

Create and execute manual testing for engineering & medical device verification activities for mobile, embedded medical devices. The work is for one of the industry leaders and the results of your work can be found in thousand hospitals across the world. 

Technologies/tools/processes used:

HP ALM, Rally, Linux

Knowledge of embedded systems and a passion for testing


We are looking for Manual Testers with experience testing embedded devices.  The candidate will be responsible for creating and executing manual testing for engineering test activities as well as medical device verification activities.  This includes functional, exploratory, and challenging testing.  The job will require pro-active gathering of inputs from the design teams, strategizing and planning the manual testing needs for the ambulatory monitoring solution.     Responsibility includes carrying out all the activities in the test life cycle such as developing, maintaining and executing test case. You will work remotely, within engineering scrum teams located in Helsinki, Finland to write and execute test procedures that check the function and reliability of the built system.  Regulatory controlled documentation is controlled in HP ALM. 

Define the tasks and deliverables to complete the task:  

# Tasks Deliverables
1. Execute semi-automated, manual, ad hoc, exploratory testing of a medical product to check engineering readiness and regressions Test results and issues found
2. Design, review, Prepare, Execute, test cases for medical products Reviewed and approved test procedures and results
3. Review, triage, fix or report issues from nightly testing results updated test procedures or defect reports

Required skills:

1. Passion for Testing and finding issues  
2. Work experience in testing embedded devices 3+ years
3. Experienced in testing methodologies 3+ years
4. Fluent in English, both written and oral  
5. Ability to debug HW/SW systems to level that the defect can be effectively described and probed  
6. Work well with teams and across global environment  

Desired skills:

1. Knowledge of HP ALM  
2. Familiar with Linux  
3. Understanding of Medical regulatory requirements (IEC62304)  
4. Understanding on human physiology, clinical parameters and patient monitors